Program 2018 Dates
The 2018 swim/sail program begins June 25th and ends August 17th.

Program Overview

The Hyannis Yacht Club youth program will teach its participants how to be safe in, on and around the water, supporting and sustaining the participants with instruction, information and encouragement at all levels. It will design and implement a curriculum to develop skills and provide appropriate resources to enable participants to compete at vaious levels. This will be accomplished in an atmosphere of safety, fun, self-reliance and good sportsmanship.

General Overview

The HYC youth program consists of eight consecutive weeks for children 7 years of age and older (4 and up for the swimming program). Children will spend their summer outdoors in a supervised environment with others their own age. They will acquire an understanding of sailing and boating, improve their swimming skills, become water safe, and have the opportunity to compete in local and regional competitive events. Friendship, camaraderie and FUN are the core of the youth program experience.

Keeping with the first part of the Hyannis Yacht Club's Mission Statement, "The mission of the HYC shall be to encourage the sport of yachting, to promote the education and the science of seamanship and navigation", the club has established a set of programs to meet that portion of its mission. 

Our Sailing Program begins for children who are 7 years old, helping them to acquire an understanding of sailing and boating, improving their swimming skills, and helping them to become “water safe”.

Our Swimming Program begins for children who are 4 years of age. The swimmers may
 also be participating in the sailing program.

The sailing/swimming program is an integrated program with overlapping activities between the programs. We incorporate our swimming and sailing programs as another way to help keep youngsters safe on the water.

Knowing that yachting is a life sport, our program continues with a spiraling curriculum, encouraging each child to continue to develop an understanding and enjoyment of being on the water in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We don’t stop there. Understanding that some people are late bloomers, we also offer an adult sailing program for anyone who would like to learn or improve upon their sailing knowledge.