Participant Agreement

The Basic Sailing course you are about to begin is an exciting and demanding challenge, but you need to be aware of what will be involved and be willing to study and practice to achieve success.

The attached student registration and medical and emergency information form must be completed and signed by your parents and turned in no later than June 27.
You will be required to provide a life jacket (vest type) which should be Coast Guard approved, the proper size for your weight and build, and be form fitting and comfortable, as you will be wearing it at all times during the course. Put your name on it with waterproof ink. Proper footwear will also be worn at all times, both on land and on the water. Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and any other materials as directed by instructors.

I understand that in entering this sailing course I agree to obey all program rules as set forth by the program director and the instructors, that I will use utmost care in the use of the boats and equipment, and that I will not engage in any horseplay or other disruptive behavior. I understand that failure to attend regularly, arrive promptly, and abide by the rules may result in my suspension from the program.