Rules And Regulations


Note: The following rules supplement the HYC Rules & Regulations found in your Membership Roster & Handbook, which are always in effect.

1. A US Coast Guard-approved life jacket that fits properly and is zipped or fastened as designed, with a working whistle securely attached, is required for all sailors, instructors and coaches whenever in a boat or on the water. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. Closed-toe shoes are required at all times for sailors and instructors & coaches (NO sandals).
3. No pushing, shoving, running, hitting, profanity. No disruptive behavior, disrespectful gestures, actions or language. Verbal and physical abuse and swearing are not tolerated.
4. Running is prohibited on the deck and on the docks.
5. No jumping off boats without instructor’s permission. If they say you can swim, it is important to stay near your boat so you can easily get back in and so that it doesn’t drift away.
6. Stay in the area where the instructors and other students are, unless you ask the instructor’s permission to leave.
7. HYC has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use by participants in the Youth Programs.
8. Students should never take or borrow, without permission, something that does not belong to them.
9. Youth program participants may not leave the HYC premises while the program is in session unless parents have made arrangements with the instructor or coach in advance.
10. Youth program participants are not allowed on docks past the cement T without supervision.
11. No littering on land or water. Boats and sailing area must be kept “ship-shape”.
12. Youth program participants are not allowed in the Yacht Club building, with the exception of the Youth Room, without shirt and shoes, at any time.
13. Children are not allowed to watch television in the clubhouse during the day.
14. Diving off the raft is prohibited at all times except when the swimmer is with an instructor.
15. Beginning swimmers must be supervised by an adult when in or around the water when they are not in a lesson. Flotation devices cannot substitute for parental supervision. If you allow your beginning swimmer to wear a flotation device, you must continue to supervise your child at all times to ensure that he/she does not swim over his/her head.
16. Any loss or damage to equipment, other than normal wear, shall be the responsibility of the sailor and his or her parents and will be billed directly to their account and should be reported to the program director.
17. Both skipper and crew share the responsibility for a boat equally.
18. HYC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property of students.
19. Students are responsible for damage done to the property of another student.
20. The lifeguard on duty is responsible for insuring a safe swimming environment. The lifeguard should not be distracted from performing this duty. THREE BLASTS OF THE LIFEGUARD’S WHISTLE MEANS THAT EVERYONE SHOULD EVACUATE THE WATER IMMEDIATELY.
21. Kickboards, noodles, bubbles and swimming “toys” identified HYC belong to the swimming program. It is the responsibility of each swimmer to return HYC equipment after lessons.


Be cooperative, supportive and respectful of other people and their property.
• Be considerate of and encouraging to others, gracious in success as well as failure
• When racing, know and sail within the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), and use the protest process only when necessary.
• Be polite on and off the water to race officials and event organizers.
• Remember that your actions both on and off the water, at HYC or while visiting another club reflect upon you and the HYC.
“You haven’t won the race if, in winning, you have lost the respect of your competitors.”
Paul Elvstrom – 4-time Olympic Gold Medal sailor


If there is a discipline problem, the instructor may send your child home early after parent contact. Parents will be notified of all serious discipline situations and, if the situation warrants, the instructor will refer your child to the Sailing Master, Swimming Master and/or the General Manager for appropriate action.


• First violation of Rules: the youth program participant will be reprimanded.
• Second violation of Rules: the Program Director or General Manager will speak to the youth program participant’s parent.
• Third violation of Rules: the offending youth program participant will be suspended for the next full day of lessons or the next event.
Continued abuse of the rules by the participant after a parent is notified will result in expulsion from the program (fee will not be refunded).
HYC has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use by participants in the Youth Programs. Any violation will result in immediate expulsion from the program (fee will not be refunded).