Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Encourage My Child To Swim Outside Of Class?

Yes! We all know that the more you practice a skill, the more competent you become. The more competent you are, the more you enjoy the sport and the more you will want to participate in it. Since one of our goals is to develop swimmers who enjoy swimming and are confident around the water, we formally encourage them to swim outside of class. Beginning with Level IV – Intermediates, participants are required to complete an age appropriate number of miles to move on to the next level. Most of these miles are accomplished in class for those swimmers who attend all of the classes. Children who swim these miles get the greatest benefit from the program.

* Level IV – Intermediates - 4 miles

* Level V – Swimmers - 6 miles CWS/BWR – 8 miles

* Level VI – Advanced Swimmers - 10 miles

* Instructor Training – 12 miles

Do You Have Classes On Rainy Days?

Yes! Depending on the of the weather, the children either swim or the classes are held inside. There are many activities that teach water safety that can be practiced on land.

How Can I Get My Child Ready For A Lesson?

Keep them out of the water! Children who come to class wet, cold and tired do not want to participate in the class for the entire lesson. We would like you to keep your child out of the water for at least 30 minutes prior to class.

How Can I Help My Child Have A Good Experience With The Youth Programs?

That’s simple: be involved and supportive. The youth committee needs and welcomes help from parents with several aspects of the program over the course of the summer. You may want to help chaperone a dance, drive a group to a swim meet, or volunteer for the HYC Youth Invitational. There are lots of jobs for non-sailing parents! Contact the Swim Master to find out how you can be involved.

Encourage them to practice their skills when they are in and on the water. Let your child spend time at a beach or pool having fun. Children who are comfortable in the water make confident swimmers. Go swimming with them! If your children see you enjoying the water, they will want to participate as well.