The Hyannis Yacht Club welcomes reciprocal visitors provided you have a letter of introduction from your yacht club sent to us by your General Manager prior to your visit, and a current membership card from your yacht club. We ask that you take care of all charges during your stay with either cash or credit card.

Members and Guests Only Admitted

No person will be admitted to use the Hyannis Yacht Club facilities other than members, their guests in their presence, and persons issued guest cards and their guests. Guests may be admitted to the Club and/or special events. Their active member host must accompany all guests. Under certain circumstances, guests may be limited or not allowed for special events. When events are limited, only legitimate houseguests may accompany their active member host. Such events will be announced in the monthly Telltale when applicable. Any member introducing a guest shall be responsible for their behavior. No member shall invite as a guest any person who has been suspended or expelled from the Club.

Refusal of Admission

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse admission to the Hyannis Yacht Club.

50 Statute Mile Guest Privilege Limitation

Guest privileges will not be extended to members of another yacht club if the club or residence of the visitor is located within fifty (50) statute miles of the Hyannis Yacht Club

Attire In Clubhouse

Members and guests are not permitted in the clubhouse with wet or sandy clothing, bare feet, or without proper attire.

Attire in the Captain’s Table Restaurant

Lunch: Stylish casual wear is required. This includes collared shirts & creased long trousers for men. Denim in good condition is allowed during lunch.
Dinner, holidays & special occasions: Creased long trousers and sports jackets are required for men, on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and special occasions. Jackets are preferred but not required the remaining days. Stylish casual wear is appropriate for women. Denim is not allowed during dinner.
All dining hours: Tee shirts, tank tops and sneakers are not permitted in the Captain’s Table dining room. Men may not wear hats. Dress shorts with collared shirts for men may be accepted if they are neat, clean, stylish and well pressed.

Captain’s Table Deck and Bar Area

Comfortable casual clothing is acceptable as if from sailing or sight seeing. Rough work clothes are not acceptable.

The desired effect for dress is good taste, coupled with common sense.